Transitioning From Traditional Analytics to Agile Sports Framework

When you adopt a new approach and process for managing an organization, there will be obstacles. For one, there’s a learning curve that the organization must overcome. In addition, there will be push back from some players and other organizational staff of the framework.


Organizations that decide to adopt the principles of Agile Sports must invest in training key team members and educating stakeholders. Agile Sports requires that the organization accept some changes in roles and processes. It is critical that all team members receive the proper Agile Sports training and that management commits to ongoing training to reinforce Agile Sports values, until they become part of the organization’s culture. This ensures that everybody is on board, understands the new process and most important, understands their role and responsibilities.

Agile Sports training and consulting services, in combination with hiring an Agile Sports consultant to oversee the transition and to teach the organization on how to implement the framework, is the recommended strategy for transition.


To learn more about transitioning framework for your team to Agile Sports, contact Victor Holman. Victor is available to work with teams to discover how they can apply these concepts to their existing analytic platforms to measure value, improve player IQ and create synergy.


Victor Holman can be contacted at victor at agilesportsanalytics dot com or by telephone at (888) 861-8733.